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Moving is always stressful and takes a lot of time and you have to do a lot. And its not easy for everyone to deal with moving cleaning. The purpose of a moving cleaning is to prepare the home for its next guest. As the requirements for approved results are extremely high. So we are here to help you by providing our professional services. Feel free and contact us we will take responsibility for your moving cleaning . With our past experiences and knowledge , we have what is required for really good results that are appreciated and approved at the upcoming final inspection.

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Guarantee To The Customer

Company gives 14 days guarantee to our customer after cleaning. Though we have lower ratio of complaints but still if there would be any we will come and fix it as early as possible. In case of damages during cleaning, we have liability insurance that covers all possible damages. However our cleaners are very careful and cautious in their work so this rarely happens.

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What Customer Should Do Before Moving Cleaning


It is essential to prepare your home before cleaning in order for the moving cleaning to go as smoothly as possible and to avoid unnecessary delays. There is no huge labor necessary; rather, it is about taking tiny steps to make our jobs simpler. Of course, you must have vacated the premises prior to our cleaning, but that may be self-evident.

The residence must have been nearly totally emptied in order for us to do a full removal cleaning. There are additional charges for cleaning furniture and furnishings that will be left in the property after the move, as well as the cost of balconies, attic storage, and other such services.

Before you move, make sure you have this checklist with you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me

All rooms

Dust off walls and ceilings.

Clean closets inside and out .

Clean on top of wardrobes and cabinets .

Clean elements / also behind.

Wipe door, door frame and handle.

Wipe skirting boards and switch boards.

Clean mirrors.

Clean windows inside and outside with inside frame.

Vacuum and dry floors .

Laundry room and main entrance

Dust off walls and ceilings.

Clean washing machine and detergent compartment .

Clean dryers and filters .

Clean drying cabinets and filters.

Clean the washbasin .

Clean storage areas.

Clean the floor drain .

Clean ventilation equipment.
Wipe door, door frame and handle .
Clean floors .

Kitchen and dining area

Bathrooms and toilets

Clean washing machine and detergent compartment .

Clean washbasin.

Clean washbasin.

Clean bathtub and mixer .

Clean shower cabin and mixer.

Clean bathroom cabinets inside and out.
Clean mirrors.

Clean the floor drain.

Clean the outside of the ventilation unit.

Clean floors .

Wipe door, door frame and handle .

Cities Where We Work

Helsingborg, Malmö, Lund, Landskrona, Halmmstad, Ängelholm, Eslov, Bostad, Åstorp, Påarp, Klippan .

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